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hacked by GHoST61

07.24.2008 -

hacked by GHoST61 bize her yer TRABZON :* hacked by GHoST61 – bize her yer TRABZON :*

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MSN Chat History

07.16.2008 -

If you are not aware the default setting in MSN messenger is to save all the history. You can get in a ton of trouble if you do not change this setting to turn off MSN Chat History . Imagine you are at working and chatting online with friends or even lovers. Do you really […]

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Instant Messaging

07.07.2008 -

If you have every used a computer and used IM or instant messaging then you should be aware that sometimes IM programs are set as default to record all your chat history. If you are at work and talking about non work items this could get you in alot of trouble if the system admins […]

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Chat History Erase Chat History Now

07.06.2008 -

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